Восстановление .pst Outlook: обзорная статья

How do I use Outlook Recovery Toolbox password?

How to recover Outlook password

  1. Install Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password.
  2. Run Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password.
  3. Select email account in middle panel.
  4. The recovered password will appear in right panel.

How do I restore my outlook?

Click Get Files.

  1. Locate and select your Outlook Data file.
  2. Click Restore Files (or Get Files in Code42 app version 6.8. 2 and earlier). The Restore Files Options (or Get Files Options) window appears.
  3. Next to Save selected files to, choose Original Location.
  4. Select Go. Your download begins immediately.

How do I install a recovery toolbox?

Insert corrupted optical disk into drive on PC. Download, install and run Recovery Toolbox for CD Free from here: https://recoverytoolbox.com/download/RecoveryToolboxForCDInstall.exe. Select the drive to recover data on first page of Recovery Toolbox for CD Free. Select the disk and folder to save recovered data.

How long does Recovery Toolbox take?

Because I send and receive so many emails for my job, the process took about 6 hours to complete.

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